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Above the Clouds



Travel??   Who would ever have thought at 20 years old a small-town girl from Winston Oregon would go into the travel business?  I was supposed to be a veterinarian! But here I am many years later in the very complex world of travel. Gone are the days of looking up airline schedules up out of a massive catalogue called an OAG, gone are the simple easy fares of 7- or 14-day advance purchase and stay over a Saturday night to get the best fares, gone are the no change fees, name changes and good old customer service where you talked a person, not a robot and travel was fun and stress free!  

The question I get asked the most when I say I’m a travel agent, “Do people still use Travel Agents?”  I always reply the same, you need a travel professional more than ever! Travel has morphed into a mammoth animal with complex tentacles everywhere.  While it’s incredibly amazing the amount of information and technology at your fingertips to plan a trip there is nothing simple or straight forward about it. 

Now more than ever a travel professional is a necessity.  There are just too many rules and regulations that change every day, one minor mistake could you "trip you up".

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I’ve been in the travel industry for over 35 years, and I LOVE to travel. With all its ups, downs and surprises there is nothing more satisfying than that amazing experience you had or that beautiful blue glow of an ice cave you got to see or meeting that person you totally relate too but lives a completely different way of life.  And I love it when a trip comes together to make many happy memories for someone. 


My expertise is with groups. I can put together completely customized itineraries, wedding groups, multi-generational trips, reunions, corporate travel and business incentives trips. I’ve done many church groups including land itineraries and cruises.  Whether it’s a small group or large one I can help you put the details together. Best of all with group travel someone get to go for FREE!

"Its not the destination that counts, its the journey"

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